OfferingTree exists to support independent wellness professionals (yoga teachers, mindfulness instructors and personal trainers, to name a few). We believe that easy-to-use business management software tools that are accessible from anywhere will help teachers and trainers deepen relationships with their clients and students. This will support teachers and trainers as they focus on their practices. Being part of a like-minded community of professionals is valuable. At OfferingTree, we look to foster connections between the teachers, trainers and coaches who use our service.

OfferingTree was created with wellness professionals in mind. We listened to lots of teachers and trainers as we designed our service to determine which services and features they want and need to manage their practice. OfferingTree is the result of that expert input. And we are still listening. Our community of users will play an important role in choosing new features that are essential to their practice and supporting their clients or students experience.

This community is important to us because we are part of it. Alex teaches mindfulness at the University of Minnesota and facilitates mindfulness and meditation retreats across the country. Katy teaches yoga in the Twin Cities. Eddie supports a thriving wellness community by attending a variety of fitness classes. Alec’s wife is an independent wellness professional too. And Arvind believes in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

The first generation of this software includes:

  • A web-based, mobile-friendly software which allows you to update your schedule and website from anywhere on any device
  • An online schedule for your clients and students to register for classes, read class descriptions and learn more about your teaching or training approach
  • A simple administrative tool that let you see who has registered for classes, manage future class offerings and track client contact information

With OfferingTree, independent wellness professionals have the flexibility to run their business in the way that makes the best use of their time and takes the realities of their on-the-go lifestyle into account. OfferingTree lets wellness professionals focus on the best aspects of having a teaching or training practice – working with clients – because the software is taking care of most of the administrative work. And the OfferingTree team is here to support you whether you are an experienced teacher or brand-new personal trainer.

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