Congratulations! You are now officially certified as a yoga teacher, ready to share the gift of yoga and change the world! But wait. Where does one even start?

According to a 2016 Yoga in America study, there are two people interested in becoming a yoga teacher for every one current teacher. That same study reveals that half of current yoga teachers have been teaching for six or more years. While those numbers can seem daunting to a new teacher, the good news is that the number of new yoga students and people intending to try yoga continues to grow at a steady pace! The big question is where does a newly-certified teacher begin with building a presence in the yoga community? How you answer that depends on several factors such as the populations or type of yoga you want to teach, where you’re teaching, and whether you’re seeking casual versus full-time work. Considering our platform and what we offer, we believe that no matter how you answer those questions, the best way to start is by creating an online presence. Here are some tips to consider as you begin to build your business:

  • Set up a website. It can be really easy to get swept away by all of the website design options out there but we suggest a simple approach to begin with. You don’t need hundreds of professional photos or tons of design options to build a clean, well-designed website. At Offering Tree, we provide yoga teachers, coaches, and wellness professionals attractive, easy-to-build websites that takes just minutes to set up. Check out a sample Offering Tree site here.
  • Share what you know. When you’re just starting out in the field, you’re eager to share all that you’ve learned and pass along others. While you’re seeking new clients, students, or classes, why not keep your teaching sharp through writing? Pick a pose or another idea you’re passionate about and write a short post. Blogs are an excellent way to showcase what you know and attract new clients or students. Take a look at how Offering Tree can help launch your blog!
  • Find your people on social media. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat… Which one is right for you? With so many social media options, it’s tempting to think you need to be on ALL of the platforms. But quite opposite. Especially if you’re just dipping your toes in the water, start with choosing one platform to focus your efforts on. You can always gradually add on other social media networks as you grow more comfortable with the content you want to share. Keep an eye on our blog for future posts that will dive deeper into social media tips and best practices.
  • Be patient. One mistake people make is abandoning efforts when they don’t see immediate results. But, be patient. Start out by committing to one task each day that will help develop your online presence. Build your website, brainstorm content ideas for your blog or social media, write a blog post, research social media marketing, engage with other like-minded people on Instagram, and so on. It’s amazing how quickly this time and work can pay off.

Offering Tree would be thrilled to support you as you begin your journey as a yoga teacher or wellness professional. Visit our website to learn more about user-friendly tools and offerings.

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