Mai Miles Frandsen walked into her first mindfulness meditation class several years ago at Duke Integrative Medicine when her family lived in the United States. The benefits of this practice were quickly felt by Mai and on top of that, she recalls feeling welcomed into the fold by the warmth of the meditation community. It wasn’t long until Mai began to transform her personal practice into a professional practice, now building a community of mindfulness practitioners in Kuwait, where she now lives with her husband Niels and two of their three children (their oldest lives in her home country of Denmark).

Coming to mindfulness, and eventually, becoming a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, was a natural stepping stone for Mai who has a background as a mental health nurse. Possessing a natural desire to help others, sharing mindfulness techniques was another way for her to teach people how to meet discomfort with ease. Mai believes deeply in the transformation that is possible with the MBSR practice, explaining, “I love the MBSR program because we all have so much wisdom within if we dare to quiet the mind.”

Currently, Mai offers an eight-week MBSR class in the Al Salam area of Kuwait, which she says is “a humbling and loving experience every time.” In addition to her eight-week offering, she has provided classes to the medical staff at Mubarak Hospital and also teaches free drop-in classes at Al Shahed Park, a local park which has granted Mai with free space to teach mindfulness meditation sessions. These free classes provide an opportunity for people to come and simply explore this practice, which Mai loves and says, “It is always touching to meet interested and curious people who want to meditate perhaps for the first time in their life.” She continues, “I am touched by the warmth welcoming and openness from both the Kuwaiti people and the expats living here. I feel very humble and grateful.”

Mai reminds us that great hope and healing are possible for all of us through this practice and she hopes her role as a teacher can inspire others to connect with their life with greater presence. “I feel MBSR has a very important point which is that all of us has the strength and wisdom to help [heal ourselves] or meet illness with more ease by practicing mindfulness meditation… I hope I can plant a little seed so some people perhaps live their life more fully and present.”

Learn more about Mai’s mindfulness practice and her offerings on her OfferingTree site. She also shares some wonderful mindfulness tips and wisdom through her Instagram account which we highly recommend checking out. If you’re a meditation, mindfulness, or MBSR teacher like Mai and seeking to expand your presence with a website and other online marketing tools, then check out us out! We specialize in helping health and wellness professionals like you spend less time on tech and more time doing what you do best – teaching and sharing your passion with the community. Visit or send us a note at to get started.


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