When you are beginning to build your wellness or fitness professional practice, you might question whether building a website is a necessary step. Some believe they need to earn a certain level of income or teach so many hours before launching a website but there are actually some benefits to publishing a website when you begin your journey as a teacher, coach, or trainer. Here are a few reasons to consider:

Builds credibility: Even if your website is simple at the beginning (which we think is a great way to start) and only includes your bio and current teaching schedule, just having an established online presence will help build your credibility and professionalism. Publishing your website might also help hold you accountable because once your website is live, you’ve made your career as a wellness or fitness professional a reality!

Saves time: This may not seem immediately clear… yet! But, when you begin building your professional practice you’ll get asked a lot of the same questions. Your website will be a great timesaver in answering basic questions such as classes that you teach, where you offer your services,  where did you study, WHY you started teaching yoga or meditation, offering personal training, or coaching dance squads – whatever you are doing.

Steady, reliable online presence: You may be tempted to bypass a website because you have a Facebook page and stay active on Instagram. Social media marketing certainly has an important place in your overall outreach strategy but social media is also an ever-shifting landscape. Algorithms change constantly which means it can be challenging to know how to exactly connect with your audience. People are also starting to use Facebook less and less, so while social media can help new students and clients discover you, a website is going to remain as your most steady and reliable marketing tool.

Hub for digital content: If you’re considering starting a blog, sharing tutorial videos or other resources, your website will provide you with an easily centralized hub to start sharing relevant content which will continue to help build your credibility while educating visitors to your site – who may even be inspired to take the next step and join you for a class!

Improve attendance: A website provides you with a place to publish your schedule which in turn helps students find you! You may meet people who are interested in what you’re teaching or offering so make it easy for them to find you. There are other techniques to help improve your class attendance in addition to publishing your schedule – but a website will always be a solid foundation in building a following.

Hopefully, we’ve provided some compelling reasons why a website is worth your time – however, we want to address another common and justified concern in setting up a website… Cost. We get it. Some website builders can be expensive plus take a lot of time to learn and get your website set up. At OfferingTree, we recognized this can be a hindrance to health, wellness, and fitness professionals who simply want to get out into the community and offer what they’re passionate about. We want that too which is why our goal is to focus on the tech, so you can focus on teaching!

We offer a plan to suit every budget and purpose, starting with our free, user-friendly website builder. For those who want extra customization options, we offer add-on features like a blog, schedule, client registration and payment, newsletters, and custom domains. Learn more about our plans and pricing here and if you have any questions, we’re just an email away at hello@offeringtree.com. We look forward to partnering with you and helping you grow your practice while offering greater access to health, wellness, and fitness to all!

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