Picture this: You’re sitting down to work on your brand new website. You know what services and classes you’re going to offer, you have some fresh photos ready to go, and you’re excited to make your big online debut. Then, you reach the “About Me” section and suddenly you’re overwhelmed with the feeling that you’re not sure what to say about yourself. Does this sound familiar? Do you struggle with sharing your story and the details of what you offer? Do you feel like your story is inadequate? If so, rest assured that you’re in good company. Many of us struggle with figuring out what information might be important to potential students or clients – along with a sense of imposter syndrome.

While we can’t write your story for you, we can offer some ideas and questions to ponder as you extract the details of your story which will help connect you with future students and clients. Think about the following questions and see what kind of answers you come up. These questions are also a great way to reconnect with your purpose or vision.

How did you get introduced to what you do? This question will take you back to the moment you discovered the practice you teach or coach – whether that was your first yoga class, a life-changing boot camp, or when you discovered dance made you feel alive. Reminisce about those early days and recall what compelled you to try yoga, pilates, dance, or personal training in the first place. Excavating your origin story will be a great starting point and foundation. Someone reading it may see themselves in your words which could inspire them to attend one of your classes or book a service.

What are some fun and interesting moments you’ve had in your professional practice? If you’ve already delivered classes or services, reflect on moments you’ve had that stand out to you. Were there moments that reminded you why you decided to get into your chosen field in the first place? This could be as simple as a fun moment shared with your students or client feedback that reminded you why your work is important. If you’re brand new to your professional practice, you could also expand upon the first question and recall some standout moments you had as a student of your practice. Perhaps there was a line a teacher said during a meditation workshop that changed your perspective. Or, maybe you can talk about the challenges you felt during your first boot camp sessions. Answering this question gives your reader further insight into what it might be like to take a class or book a service with you.

How has teaching, coaching, or training affected you? This is another question to help clarify why you do what you do. Similar to the last question where you recalled specific moments and memories, this question asks you to dig deeper and share why you are compelled to teach, coach, or educate. This is where you are able to define your values as a health, wellness, and fitness professional so visitors to your website can begin to gain a better understanding of you.

Remember, there are no wrong answers to these questions. They are simply intended to help you reflect on your story. As you go through this exercise, allow yourself to be completely authentic in your answers. We’re not saying you need to share information that makes you uncomfortable but rather be open to the details of your story and be confident in what you have to offer to the world. Chances are someone will see themselves in your story which is exactly how you’ll start to build a following.

To dive deeper into the art of storytelling, watch our 20-minute webinar Find Your Story with Josh Campbell, owner of Brilliant Fete, who will take you through the elements of a story and exercises to help craft your story to share on your website, blog, newsletter, or in-person with friends, students, and potential clients.

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