As an entrepreneur, you’re likely a shop of one, which means wearing many hats in marketing, accounting, business development – and, oh yeah, still providing your wellness and fitness offerings! To say you’re busy and overstretched is an understatement so when the world of technology, specifically digital marketing, changes faster than you can say ‘Namaste’ it can seem impossible to keep up with all of the latest trends and changes.  

While it can be easy to ignore these trends and maybe even works fine for your professional practice, it’s a good idea to have a sense of what’s new in the world of online marketing and what it might mean for you. Here are a few ways to start carving out time to stay on top of best practices and news without becoming a tech journalist or digital marketing expert:

Identify your needs. The first step is to sit down and identify what you actually need to keep an eye on. For example, If you would really like to amp up your social media presence, then focus on that. Likewise, only concern yourself with trends and changes with the sites you plan to use, such as Instagram and Facebook. If you’re not interested in Twitter, then don’t worry about what’s happening with Twitter. If you want to add an SEO strategy or effective email communications to your marketing plan, then you’ll want to start educating yourself on best practices in SEO and email marketing. The bottom line is to consider and decide what you want to implement in your marketing plan, then focus on those elements.

Research and find your sources. A simple Google search of “digital marketing trends” will yield millions of results so you will have no problem finding sources to help you stay on top of what’s new in the world of all things digital marketing. Your next task is to narrow down the search to a few reliable sources without overwhelming yourself. Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner are reputable sources for everything you want to know about social media news and trends. Moz and Hubspot are go-to resources for everything marketing including SEO, online paid ads, blogging, not to mention the more technical aspects of marketing if that’s the direction you want to go. It’s also a good idea to subscribe to blogs, newsletters, and podcasts from vendors you currently use to manage your website, blog, or email marketing. You’ve already invested in their products and services, so take full advantage of their educational offerings. If you’re still looking for a solution for your online presence, we think you’ll love our all-in-one solution. Take a look at this quick demo!

Set aside time to study. Now that you know what information you need and the sources that’ll help you stay on top of it, be sure to set aside some time each week to learn about what’s new in the world of digital marketing and the areas you want to focus on. If you learn anything that might make sense for your business, then make sure to also practice and use it! When Instagram releases a new feature, don’t be afraid to give it a try. Experiment with A/B testing and list segmentation when you send out a newsletter to your email list. Step into basic SEO practices and create blog posts with targeted keywords. Consider it your study time! Continuing education is important in building a successful business and the best way to retain the information is to apply it in a practical way.  

Continue to explore and ask questions. Keep an eye out for local workshops, conferences, or training sessions especially ones directed at entrepreneurs in health and wellness. Tapping into your own social and professional networks is another easy and effective way to stay current. You may also discover that you’re not alone in the challenge of keeping up with the rapid changes in digital marketing and sometimes just knowing you have company can be a relief!

Be mindful: Like anything that you do, a mindful and intentional approach in your digital marketing education and efforts can be a great benefit to your focus, productivity, and time management. This ultimately will allow you to take back some of your time and spend more energy on the job and offerings that you love and do best!

At OfferingTree, we know it can be a challenge to keep up with the evolving world of technology which is why we’re here to simplify how you run your wellness or fitness business. With our one-stop solution, you can build a website, send newsletters, blog, schedule offerings, accept payments, and much more! Learn more at or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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