Having a website for your business is an effective way to be seen online and grow your audience. But, how exactly can you convert website visitors into an email subscriber? One method for growing your email list is through lead magnets. Lead magnets are an incentive that can be offered in exchange for an email address which is commonly digital content such as a PDF report, checklist, manual, video, and so on. You have more than likely seen lead magnets and maybe even provided your email address as a result of one. The main point to remember is that lead magnets should not only serve you in growing your email list but also provide your audience with something of value, which we’ll dig into with the following tips that we hope will help you in thinking about you can add a lead magnet to your marketing strategy for your growing wellness or fitness business. 

Addresses a problem: Understanding your ideal audience is key here. Think about what issues or questions they might have and create a lead magnet that will address this. Maybe you can record a three-minute video that answers a common question you hear from your students or a training checklist to help potential students get started with their fitness journey. 

Quick and easy to digest: You don’t necessarily want to give away all of your knowledge and teachings for free upfront so developing an incentive that is quick to digest, yet valuable, will provide your new email subscriber with a taste of the services or classes you provide. Hopefully, this will be the first touchpoint of many you will have with the new subscriber!

Make your content specific: Creating a general resource about your service or classes probably won’t stand out so really reflect on what makes your offerings different. If you serve a certain niche or population, incorporate it into your lead magnet. Your incentive should highlight what makes you unique and why folks should be interested in following you. This is also a perfect opportunity to share your expertise in a concise way. 

Ensure accessibility: Whatever you decide to offer as a lead magnet, be sure it’s something that can be shared quickly and easily. You want to be able to offer your new subscriber instant gratification while they’re interested and thinking about your business. OfferingTree users are now able to set up an automatic email to new email subscribers which is the perfect place to include a download link where your new subscriber can access their incentive. Learn more here.

These tips are just a start and we encourage you to be creative and think outside the box when creating a lead magnet to expand your audience. At OfferingTree we have been working on making subscribe options on your website customizable so you can create a message that suits your voice. Watch our video here or check out the FAQs section on our website to learn more about how this feature works. Whether you’re a current OfferingTree user or interested in learning more, we’re always here to help at hello@offeringtree.com.

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