OfferingTree  just launched a new “Roster’s Message” feature that will let you create email courses (aka “Challenges”) for your clients.

Email courses are generally the easiest kind of online teaching to start with because the setup is simple and there are very few technical aspects to go wrong for your clients. The basic procedure for this kind of online course is that you craft a series of lessons that release on a daily or weekly basis. You can set up these lessons to be sent out via automatic emails to people who register for the course. The content of these emails is typically a combination of text, links to video / audio or attachments (like a PDF handout).

Here is how you can set up your first e-mail course in 7 steps (you’ll need to be on the Essentials Plan for the below):

Step 1: Create a new offering by going to the “Offerings” section on your site (I’ll use the example of “Stay Active While Staying Home”)

Step 2: Make a new landing page for your email course by going to the “Pages” section on your site and create a landing page (e.g., I’ll call my page “Activity Challenge”) and then add whatever text you want to market your email “challenge” course, announce the date it will start, and any updates about challenge progress.

Step 3: Schedule your new offering and make it an online event. Paste your new landing page link from Step 2 into the “Online Link URL” box and then customize the text for the “link name” (maybe something like “Click here for the Challenge Homepage”) NOTE: you can set up registration and payment if you’d like to make this a paid / donation-based challenge. The daily / weekly scheduled emails will only go to people who register, so this is how you make it a paid course even though you have a public “challenge” landing page.

Step 4: Next, schedule your daily or weekly email messages for this course. Go to the “Roster” section of your site, find your email course event and then click on “send a message” and now you can create the content for the first day / week of your email course. After you’ve created the content, schedule it for the future date and time when your first email goes out. Check out this help article for screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 for each day / week of your email course to create the new content.

Step 6: If you decide you want to make any edits to your content after you’ve created it in Steps 4-5, then you can go to the “Emailing Marketing” section of your site and click on “Roster Messages” where you’ll see all of the scheduled content for your email course. You can then make any edits here and also monitor open rates after the messages have gone out to your participants based on the schedule you set up.

Step 7: Finally, start marketing your course far-and-wide and ask your friends, family and colleagues to join your challenge!

Check back soon for a how-to video that demos the above process.

Enjoy this new feature and we look forward to seeing all the new challenges that you have to offer the world!

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