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“OfferingTree is an easy ­to ­use, all­-in­-one online platform for yoga teachers that provides a personal website, booking, payment, blogging and many other great features. The best thing about OfferingTree is you can get up and running in 10 minutes with no tech skills needed. As an added bonus, if you sign up here, you’ll help support Love Teaching Yoga since OfferingTree supports me with each sign up. I’m proud to be supported by a public benefit company whose mission is to further wellness access and education for everyone.”


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website free easy design


Website design can be complicated and time consuming. With OfferingTree you can create an attractive, mobile-ready, professional website in 10 minutes (that’s not a typo). Your site will showcase what you teach and when so your clients and students can find you, follow you and register for your events. Simple and effective.  See a sample site

schedule registration


If your schedule is hard to find, your clients will give up and move on. With our easy-to-use scheduling and appointment booking tool, you can keep your clients up-to-date and make it easy for them to register for your offerings. The OfferingTree calendar allows your students and clients to reserve a spot in upcoming classes or book a private session with total ease. Watch a short demo

payment processing


We support that you’re trying to help people, and we understand you need to make a living in order to help others.  Being able to accept secure online payments and donations makes it easy for you and your clients. Our low transaction fee payment processing (that can be passed onto the purchaser if you wish) will keep you and your clients happy. Watch a short demo

clients customers students


Staying engaged with your students is the key to client retention. Our client database stores all of your client information in one easily-accessible location and lets you monitor which of your students are attending classes. With this information, you can follow-up, offer deals and keep your students coming back for more.

dashboard analytics


Share your knowledge with your students by blogging. We make it easy for you to publish your own blog on your website. This helps potential students find you because search engines prefer sites with original content. Get noticed and grow your practice. Watch a short demo

dashboard analytics


Stay in communication with your students by sending regular newsletters. Your student list is automatically populated so you can quickly send a professional newsletter to everyone who has attended your offerings. No need to learn a complex system with our easy-to-use tool. Watch a short demo

dashboard analytics


Our  easy-to-use dashboard contains all the information you need to manage your business. From site visits to class popularity, you can see what people like so you can provide these key teachings to your community.

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  • Engage Your Clients

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